Hey, I'm Rosie!

I’m the cake-baking mama behind the Rosie Cakes brand. I love creating bright and fun custom cakes and desserts that your kids, family, neighbours and friends will adore!

But most of all, I love teaching mums with little or no baking experience how to create their own masterpieces, so that they can wow their kids for years to come!

After nearly 10 years of baking and decorating for the people of Canberra, my new-found love of teaching is helping mums everywhere have the right skills and equipment to make fabulous cakes and desserts confidently and with ease.

So whether you’d like the sweet stuff made for you, or if you’d like to have a crack at making it yourself, know that you’re in the right place mama!

I can’t wait to connect with you soon šŸ˜Š

It all began in 2011 with our engagement cake...


Cousin Jade (a total cake queen), kindly made it for us. Jade specialised in fondant cakes and I asked her to make us a cake with husband in a fishing boat, holding me with ‘Scooter’s (that’s husband) best catch’. It was a total cracker! Everyone thought so.

Being a bit creative myself, I was fascinated and wanted to learn, so Jade invited me to ‘come round one arvo and I’ll show you’. So I did. And I was HOOKED.

From then on, I’d decorate for anyone who needed a cake! It was such an awesome creative outlet and also not bad for the entrepreneur inside me either. In 2014, I formally registered as a business and worked a side hustle in the sweet stuff all the way up until 2021, when I decided it was now or never and ditched the public service life to be a full time caking mama!

Hmmm, going out on my own in the middle of a pandemic – I must be crazy right? Well 2020 was actually when my love of teaching started!

Picture this… home schooling had started for the first time. The struggle to work, while teaching Roxy (6) and look after Archie (2) was real! Particularly as Roxy wasn’t very receptive to the online environment and Mum as the teacher…

I needed something that was fun, educational and that I could teach. Hello? What else? Baking!

It worked a treat - then I thought... What if I could help other families going through the same struggle? So Roxy and I started an online cooking/decorating class for primary school aged kids. And they loved it! We had so much fun learning together and I swear kids know more about Zoom than I do…. Lol! Plus it also gave parents at home a break too.

Then over the last few years, I’ve had so many clients and Instagram friends ask to ‘ just come and sit in your kitchen to watch and learn’ that I decided I’d like to try my hand at teaching adults too.

How I can help

If you love the idea of having the skills, confidence, equipment and cool ideas to make amazing cakes and desserts for your kids (even if you’ve never baked before), I am here for you!

There are SO many videos, tutorials and recipes out there, showing you what you should have and how you should do things, how do you know what you actually do need and what recipes actually work.

That’s where I can help! I teach the easiest techniques to get the best results, because this is how I have built my business in to the success it is today, with repeat clients who rave about my cakes and desserts (bless you all!).

Or maybe baking really isn’t your thing and you just need an amazing centrepiece made for your next event (in Canberra and surrounds). I can help you create something epic that not only looks the part, but will have your friends and family coming back for seconds (and thirds šŸ˜‰).

Fun Facts About Me

I used to own a bra shop.

I started it after my 12 month world tour in 2004, when I found a shop in London who actually had beautiful bras and swimmers that fit me. It was specifically for ladies who were size D+

We have two bunnies at home.

Roxy really wanted a dog, but as husband isn't keen on dogs, we decided on a bunny instead. So Twitch, the little grey bunny, was bought home. We then bought home a little stripy bunny for Archie - he has had several names including Baby Yoda, Spiderman and Stripes. His name is currently Strong.

I’m a beachy girl with a land-loving man!

While I love the surf, husband loves inland waters most. It’s a good thing we can compromise and do both, because while I love to waterski on the inland waters, there is just something about the sea air...

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