You are one cake away from making memories that will last a lifetime

" As a mum, it’s been so special for me to be able to create beautiful cakes. Rosie has taught me so much and given me the confidence to make fun and memorable cakes for my kids, something I never thought I’d be able to do." Katy H

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Your kids will love looking back on the cakes you made for them (and with them)


Hey, I’m Rosie!

The cake-baking mama of two, behind the Rosie Cakes brand.

My goal is to inspire everyday mums to make happy memories for their kids through cake and feel super proud of what they create!

The idea for the Inspire Bake Create came because I was craving more positive connection with my own kids.

We live in this crazy fast-paced world where we think we need to be doing ALL THE THINGS for our kids - when all we really want, is to not be remembered as a nag.

All we really want is for our kids to have happy memories of childhood – and of us, their mum! 

One of my favourite things to do with the kids is planning their birthday cakes.

We’ve had replicas of favourite toys, cartoon characters, the Wiggles, tv shows - anything they can think of, we have created!

As a cake decorator with a decade of experience, I know I can help other mums create those happy memories for their kids (and themselves) too.

But it’s not only that, as a mum of two myself, I want every mum to know that they deserve some time out – to learn something new, relax or just be amongst adults for a while. Nothing beats a relaxed mumma – and that means taking time for yourself!

🩷This is why the Inspire Bake Create Community was created 🩵

To teach mums with little or no baking experience, the most simple ways to take their cakes to the next level, so that they can wow their kids and leave them with happy memories - while making time for yourself

For the last two years I've helped 100's of ladies have the right skills and equipment to make fabulous cakes and desserts confidently and with ease.

Our decorating community is hands-down the most friendly and supportive group of cakers, who lift each other up and cheer each other on.

Caking shouldn’t be stressful – I love that we have a space where we can cake it easy together!

Join here from just $25 a month

Imagine your kids boasting about you because you're the ants-pants of birthday cakes

Imagine being able to share that new skill with your kids – forming new connection with them through a love of baking or decorating… 

You can create a cake that makes your children so freaking happy that they have that memory of you (and the cake you made) forever

Imagine taking your cakes to the next level… one where your friends and family beg you to make their birthday cakes because the last one you made was so flipping amazing

You can learn the skills and techniques required to bake delicious desserts (that will have people coming back for more) and decorate cakes with professional finishes (so people are asking how much you paid to have it made).

You just need solid cake foundations first, then grow your skills from there.

Imagine feeling like a more interesting person because you’ve learnt a new skill.

Or feeling the zen because you made time for yourself...

How about the feelings of excitement from creating something that looks great!

You can make time for yourself, to learn something new that brings you happiness. We all deserve space to be our own person - we're not just a Mum, carer or partner 💖

Know that all of this is within your reach!

We are so proud of our members and what they’ve created…

Meet Kaylee

A mum who LOVES creating cakes for her little man 💖

She has made cakes for every one of his birthdays so far and joined the membership to, in her words, ‘be less crap at cake decorating’

Kaylee was never crap

Every single one of those cakes was made with LOVE and each one has created a special memory, which they can look back on and her little boy will know how much his mummy loved him because she put the time and effort in to making his cake herself 💖

And now Kaylee not only makes cakes for her son, but is now in demand from family and friends! 

Meet Katarina

In January 2022, Kat signed up to Inspire Bake Create. Her first question in an email was, “Do you think it will give me the skills to make the cake on my own?”

From there, Kat came to the monthly workshops, or watched the replays, and after a few short months was making cakes for her kids with confidence and ease. Kat also fell in love with decorating, so in June 2022, started an Instagram page. It was then that she started to get enquiries.

In August 2022, Kat officially opened her own cake side hustle, Nothing Batter! Kat now has an Instagram community of over 2500 and creates a positive impact, by donating 10% of all sales to Newborn Intensive Care Foundation in Canberra. You can check her out at @__nothingbatter

"Rosie is incredibly generous..." 

"Rosie is incredibly generous to share her amazing skills and expertise. I love my monthly subscription and look forward to the my sub box and class every month. It's great to learn new skills and have new tools to try"

Karly KD

"I used to hate baking, now I love it!"

"Rosie's Inspire Bake Create Subscription is absolutely awesome. Rosie is so easy to learn from. I used to hate baking and now I love it!"

Rebecca N

"I wouldn't recommend anyone else.."

"I wouldn't recommend anyone else for cakes, cupcakes or online baking classes - I have been a customer for years and am now learning to up skill my baking in her online classes"

Lauren P

Introducing the Inspire Bake Create Community

An easy-going and interactive space for mums to learn how to create more professional looking cakes that their kids will love. You can achieve better results faster, with tested decorating techniques and recipes, less frustration and more ease.

Go from cake stress to cake success!

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What you get when you join

 Stop guessing - Stress less - Cake it easy!



‘The Basics’ – Online and interactive, three foundational workshops in cake, cookies and cupcakes 

‘LevelUP’ – Online interactive workshops run by Rosie, using different techniques to LevelUP your cakes

‘Guest Masterclasses’ – Learn from other experts in the cake industry

Interactive workshops - all of our workshops are hosted live through Zoom so you can ask all your questions as we go

Immediate access to our ‘Replay library’ – Watch in your own time – includes foundational workshops in cake, cupcakes and cookies, plus bonus classes and techniques

Recipes - all of the recipes that Rosie uses in the Rosie Cakes Kitchen - with nothing but 5 star Google reviews, you know they gotta be good!


Private FB and Insta communities

You'll love our group of over 200 other like-minded mums (and other ladies) who share, help each other out and cheer each other on with every single bake 🧁😍


Monthly live workshops where you can ask questions as we create together

Join the Facebook community where you can ask your questions without fear of judgement

Discounts on selected decorating supplies and equipment

Join in and get these exclusive bonuses valued at over $50 (but only if you're quick!)


Creative Cupcakes Course

Get started straight away! This course is perfect for beginners and takes you through all the basics to cupcake baking and decorating.  


Mystery Baking Item

The first 25 new members will receive a special item in the post – something I use every single week when I’m creating cupcakes and kids' birthday cakes!

Learning the basics to decorating is fundamental to making more professional looking cakes


Let's recap everything that's included when you join:

  • Access to monthly live workshops via Zoom, where you can ask questions as we decorate together (value $99/mth)
  • Access to previously recorded sessions in the Basics– perfect for beginners to get started NOW (value $297)
    • Cake Basics
    • Cookie Basics
    • Cupcake Basics
  • Access to previous LevelUP recorded sessions from 2021-24, including cake stencilling, striped buttercream, edible image cakes, rice paper sails, top forward cake, and more (value $799)
  • Mini pre-recorded tutorials and recipes (value $200)
  • Six recorded guest masterclasses (value $600) 
    • Buttercream textures with Monica Cavallaro from Moreish Cakes
    • Lambeth cake with Dan Pasquali from Dan's Bake Lab
    • Template heart cake with Cassie from Cas Cakery
    • Wafer paper flowers with Fiona from Scrumdidlyumptious_blog
    • Royal icing cookies for beginners with Sally from Three Desserts
    • Vintage/Lambeth cakes with Courtney from Sugar Plum Fairy Cakes
  • Access to the most helpful and supportive member's only private Facebook and Instagram Communities (priceless)
  • Chances to win prizes each month
  • Bonus - Creative Cupcakes Course (value $47)

Thats a combined total value of over $1995 in interactive workshops, recorded workshops, recipes, mentoring and community!!

Join here from just $25 a month

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"I can now create special cakes for the kids.." 

" As a mum, it’s been so special for me to be able to put together cake creations. Rosie has taught me so much and given me the confidence to make pretty cakes, cookies and cupcakes, something I never thought I’d be able to do. If you’re thinking about joining the membership, I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s so much fun and I’ve truly loved it."

Katie H

"Rosie genuinely wants the best for you.... Member for life!" 

If nothing else applies: Rosie genuinely wants the best for you and to see you succeed. She shares your posts, she celebrates and congratulates you (as do other members), and supports you with all your questions along the way.
All in all, I see myself being a member for life. Totally worth it. Please sign up so I can celebrate you too.


Kate N

"It works for busy mums too"

"As a busy mum of two my favourite part is the replay of the live workshops. This is a great feature because I never miss out based on my availability. So if you are worried about committing to live classes, don’t be, as this has the perfect feature to make it fit into every lifestyle!"

Aiden J


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Meet the team


I like to say that everyone needs a Belinda in their life! Belinda is the ying to my yang, or the organiser to my chaos! One of my besties since high school, she is also the chief baker in the Rosie Cakes kitchen and helps to keep her slightly crazed friend on track


You will often meet Karene in my inbox, sorting, replying and generally keeping some level of organisation that my brain just doesn’t allow! She’s the Virtual Assistant who has my back and keeps things flowing – so be sure to say hi if you meet her in the mailbox!


Scootsie (or husband), Roxy, and Archie are the family team you might recognise if you have a sub box delivered in Canberra! They often pitch in to help packing sub-boxes and extra orders. They are my inspiration and the reason I love growing a business.

🧁 Make sweet cake - make sweeter memories 🧁