Make sweet memories for your kids through cake

...and take some time out for yourself Mama!

Online cake decorating - especially for beginners


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What if you could say goodbye to...

Using recipes that don’t work?

Hours of searching Google for video tutorials and recipes?

Buying average cake packet mixes?

Piping roses that flop?

Cluttering up your cupboards with a heap of ‘stuff’ you only use once?

Spending hundreds of dollars to have your birthday and events sweets made for you

Those weird looks from your kids, when you bring out your ‘masterpiece’ which looks kind of like a demented dog, when it was supposed to be a cute monkey (lol don’t worry, we’ve all been there!)?

And say hello to...

Nailing the fundamentals first – so you can pipe cupcakes, create super sharp cake edges and make super smooth cookies like a champion (even if you’ve never decorated before)!

Saving time by having expert advice at your fingertips and learning to bake and decorate the easiest and quickest ways possible!

Finding inspiration to create, using both your current skill set and stretching to try new techniques!

Having tried and tested recipes, straight from the Rosie Cakes kitchen – no more google searching for you!

Being cheered on (no matter your level of experience), by your head cheerleader (me!) and a group of amazing Mumma’s already thriving within our Facebook community!

And making super cool cakes that your kids will love - just wait until you bring that cake out Mama - their little faces and bright smiles will say it all! 

You can go from cake mess to cake success!


This is the place to be to get all the experience, equipment and know-how, to create amazing cakes your kids will love and rave about for years to come (plus have them coming back for seconds)!

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Here’s why it’s not your average membership

You don’t need a tonne of information or equipment thrown at you

What you need is to nail the fundamentals first, then practice on a regular basis.

So inside, you will receive a monthly subscription box, with specific tools and equipment you need to set you up first, then practice with the fun stuff later.

The only way to get better is to practice, so making time at least once a month to join in the live class (or catch the recorded replay) is a great way to make sure you’re working towards the goal of creating those amazing cakes. I even give out randomly selected prizes each month to some of the ladies who share their creations!

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Each month you will receive:

The monthly INSPIRE BAKE CREATE subscription box delivered to your door

This will contain a tried and tested Rosie Cakes recipe, one main baking/decorating item and at least one subsequent baking/decorating item.

Access to a monthly live workshop run by Rosie via Zoom

This is a relaxed session where you can grab your bakers apron and drink of choice, and join in the fun, while Rosie guides you through how to use the item from the monthly box. You will be guided through each step of the process and you can ask any questions along the way

Access to the INSPIRE BAKE CREATE membership hub

Where all workshop videos, recipes, mini tutorials and any other juicy bonuses will be kept

Access to the private Facebook & Instragram Community

Access to a private Facebook community where you can ask questions and seek baking or decorating advice and the private Instagram group where I share some of the extras.

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My husband supported me to do the subscription and learn. But didn't really understand because there are only 3 of us at home.

Once he looked through the package, read recipe and the enclosed flyer he wants to join in and do together. I could not be happier!

To recap - once skeptical but supportive husband wants to join in after looking through first package! Surely that's a ringing endorsement!

Thanks Rosie."


I was burning the stick at both ends, trying to meet demands. As a result I ended up in the hospital with a crohns flare and have been stuck here with lots of time to think about the things that are important to me, and your class came into my top three!

Thankyou for facilitating such an amazing group 💗


I loved the treasures in the first box, sprinkles are gorgeous. So excited to try out these you beaut piping pieces.

Oh spatular was a big surprise, thanks.

See you Saturday.


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